Entrees & Sides

Papadams with the Works $6 GF/V
Lentil crepes with Fresh Mint, Date & Tamarind & Sweet Mango chutney

Onion Bhaji $15 GF/V
Masala fried onion, mango powder, fresh mint and coriander sauce

Colonel Tso’s Cauliflower $15 GF/V
Sister concern Babuji SFO favourite…..cauliflower in tomato chilli sauce

Samosa Plate $10 V
Spiced potatoes, peas, pomegranate in a crisp pastry , chutney

Green Mango Rolls $15
Green Mango, zucchini, carrots & cabbage wrapped in crisp pastry

Papadi Chaat $15
The motherland’s version of nachos & salsa ,a must try

Raita $5 GF
Cucumber, carrot & yoghurt salad, a refreshing complement to curry

Parantha (Indian Flat Bread)
Plain or garlic $4

Premium Basmati Aged Sella Rice with Cumin & Lemon (GF/V)
1 serve $4
2 serve $6


Butter Chicken $18 GF
Free range chicken marinated in yoghurt, tomato, ginger & fenugreek

Beef Korma $18 GF
Beef cooked in a creamy curry of cashew paste, coriander, cardamom & garlic

Lamb Rogan Josh $18 GF
Lamb cooked with fennel seed, cardamom, bay leaf & cloves

Coconut Fish Curry $20 GF
Blue Grenadier in a turmeric, mustard seed & coconut milk curry, fresh grated coconut

Palak Paneer $17 GF
Garlic infused spinach with homemade cottage cheese

Aloo Baingan $17 GF/V
Dutch cream potato and eggplant, garam masala, Onion seeds, cumin….a vegan delight

Butternut Squash Curry $17 GF/V
Roasted squash in a coconut milk curry with turmeric and tempered mustard seed

Dhal Makhani $15 GF
Black lentils spiced with ginger, cumin, turmeric & very slowly cooked into a hearty curry


Gulab Jamun :: Indian donuts made of soft cheese & sweet syrup $5

Homemade Cardamom, Honey & Pistachio Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) (Kyneton only)(GF) $5

Mango Lassi $5

BEER (Kyneton only) All Beers $7

Bridge Road IPA, Beechworth VIC on Tap

Budavar Czech Lagar

Feral Hop Hog IPA Australia

Negra Modelo MEX

Kingfisher Premium Indian Lager

Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale, Richmond VIC :: Rated Top 20 Australian Beers

Sleeping Giant IPA, Ontario Canada

Cricketers Arms Lager, Melbourne VIC

Cascade Premium Light, Tasmania

Lychee Gold Cider , Murrumbatemon NSW

Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider, New Zealand

WINE (Kyneton only)


NV Valdo Prosecco, veneto Italy

2015 Zig Zag Road Sparkling Shiraz , Macedon Ranges VIC

2015 Cooper Burns Reisling , Eden Valley SA

2015 Gapsted Pinot Grigio , King Valley VIC

2016 Mount Vernon Sauvignon Blanc , Mariborough NZ

2015 Hanging Rock Chardonnay , Macedon Ranges VIC


2016 San Pietro Pinot Noir , Mornington Peninsula VIC

2015 Yengari Shiraz ( Organic Preservative Free ), Beechworth VIC

2015 Gapsted Cabernet Merlot, King Valley VIC

2014 Halls Gap Estate Cabernet Sauvignon , Grampians VIC

2014 Forty Acre Wines Shiraz, Macedon Ranges VIC

BYO WINE ONLY Corkage $4 per person


Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co Organic Ginger Beer, Organic Lemon Lime & Bitters & Sparkling Blood Orange Water, Lemonade

Sparkling Mineral Water ,Coke, Diet Coke